Galvaniz Üretim

Hot-Dip Galvanization

The process of coating the surface with a layer of zinc by dipping steel wire material into the liquid zinc bath is called "Hot-Dipping Galvanized Coating" process.

The main reason for coating steel wire materials with zinc is to protect them against corrosion (rusting) of the material. Zinc with which the surface is coated provides a usage without rusting for a long time by protecting the steel wire from the any influence of the outer environment.

The lifetime of the material may vary depending on the amount of zinc coating on the surface and the environment of use. The more zinc coating amount is, the longer the lifetime of the material gets..




Short History of Hot-Dip Galvanization Coating

The French chemist Melouin started his coating trials by sinking iron parts into liquid zinc in 1741.

The British Professor Watson Bishop wrote up articles depicting the method of dipping the iron materials into liquid zinc after cleaning them and dipping into ammonia solution in 1787.

In the year 1854, French scientists named Boucher and Muller have discovered the method still applied today and known as the process of steel wire galvanizing.

English George Bedson have developed the continuous annealing, cleaning and galvanizing process in 1860.

The method of skimming galvanized steel wire with pads were discovered in 1890.