Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

Developing towards the construction sector and producing iron products using up-to-date technologies, our company requires the following in order to catch up with the competition conditions on the products we produce and to make its mark in the foreign and domestic markets;


» Sustained quality of production and process,

» Product quality providing customer satisfaction and permanency,

» Existing in the market with a corporate identity,

» Achieving the company and unit goals within a team spirit and tracking them for the realization of the set goals,

» Complying with and meeting the requirements and expectations of the customers and providing complete customer satisfaction

» Adapting developing world technology conditions in time,

» Fulfilling the legal requirements,

» Productivity,

» Benefitting from the ISG applications in a way that will improve the system, continuously improvement by taking steps against risks that can cause health impairments or occupational illnesses,

» Infusing the idea of 'not to put neither their own nor the other employees' and visitors' lives in to danger' to all employees through the help of the required briefings and trainings,

» Creating a culture of causing minimum waste via the efficient use of resources.


These principles providing the key points of the systems of Quality, Environment and ISG we apply are the principles that all our personnel from managers to employees are expected to adopt and apply consciously.