Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Human resource' is the most precious value Güney Çelik Hasır A.Ş. has in its way to achieve its goals. Therefore, our Human Resources policy creates an environment allowing the workers to be assessed, improved according to their talents and to work efficiently.

By making the most out of human resources in line with the company's vision; our aim is to establish a learning and creative organization using the contemporary management techniques, preparing the required labor infrastructure and improve it for the company to achieve its goals and targets.

Our human resources policy serves for two important purposes. The first is to encourage the individuals to lay claim to their works and the results for everything they do, the second is to ensure that our employees get more and more successful by creating an environment giving the feel of a family.

Our Human Resources Vision

To ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction that is the greatest factor in our company's perpetual success; to be the most preferred company in the iron and steel sector by improving the knowledge, skills and competence of the high-grade employees of our company placing importance on the ethical values and responsible for the society.